Giving Voice to Inner Life: The Art of Bobbi Van, 2013

"Van’s art makes you think of the output of another American artist – or poet rather – Sylvia Plath, who transformed intense emotion into poetry that another Nobel laureate, Seamus Heaney, characterized with the words, “irresistible given-ness.” Van’s paintings, like Path’s poems, strike you with their “astonished being”, and the imprint of the force they pass through as they come into existence."

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New York City artist captures balance and harmony in the Garment District

“Bobbi is a truly gifted and inspirational artist, whose work captures a sense of balance among the disparities that life brings,” said Barbara Blair Randall, president of the Garment District Alliance. “We are absolutely delighted to showcase her wonderful artwork through the Garment District Space for Public Art program, and we certainly hope everyone will pay a visit to this installation.” 

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The Visit and The Dance with the Garment District Alliance

"Bobbi strives to capture a space of harmony in her artwork through establishing a balance in light, color and motion, portraying both strengths and vulnerabilities. She crafted The Visit and The Dance on a clear vinyl surface to create a sense of transparency and to explore these dualities."

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Flux Art Fair

"The sculpture Twisted Lies#4 was pulled together to contain the elements in my studio that represented “I am here”. This desire to explore other cultures and live a free transparent life is made manifest in my use of choosing a malleable soft vinyl as my canvas."

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Interview at Damn, You Fine Art

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Interview at Red Closet

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